CIRRE is managed on a day to day basis by Professor Jamie Newbold (Aberystwyth) and Dr John Healey (Bangor) and the staff of the Strategic Alliance office.

Policy is set by the CIRRE Research Management Team that consists of Professor Jamie Newbold (Aberystwyth), Dr John Healey (Bangor), Professor Peter Golyshin (Bangor), Professor Andrew Pullin (Bangor), Professor Chris Thomas (Aberystwyth), and the staff of the Strategic Alliance office.

CIRRE has an Scientific Advisory Board chaired by Professor Chris Pollock with Professor Gary Carvalho (Bangor University), Professor Gareth Edwards-Jones (Bangor University), Dr Bridget Emmett (CEH Bangor), Professor Will Haresign (Aberystwyth University), Professor Pim Martens (ICIS), Dr Kathryn Monk (Environment Agency), Professor Mark Macklin (Aberystwyth University), Professor George Turner (Bangor University), Professor Mike Wilkinson (Aberystwyth University), Dr David Wright (Bangor University), and Professor Mike Young (Aberystwyth University).